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Wonders & Wonders

Year:                     2000

Length:               13 x 30'

Target:       7-10 year olds

Languages:          EN, CN

Territories:    International

Deliverables:              SD

Story outline:

Three lovely kids, Sun, Moon and star, together with their buddy big-brother Sky began their odyssey into the wonderful world of learning and creation. "Tom Sawyer" Sun, 10 years old, imaginative, adventurous and inventive, is endowed with leadership quality. Moon, Sun's neighbour, a pretty girl of 8 years old, is tender, systematic, but a bit spoiled and arrogant. "Trouble-maker" Star, 6 years old, is innocent and curious about all his surroundings. "Handyman" Sky, 24 years old, is humorous and innovative. Inspired by the world's greatest inventions like compass, paper, printing the kids roam about the universe and the natural world, unbounded by time and space, and experience endless WONDERS & WONDERS.