Valt the Wonder Deer

Season 2

Year:                      2018

Length:               52 x 13'

Target:       7-10 year olds

Languages:           EN, FR

Territories:    International

Deliverables:              HD

Story outline:

Peace and harmony has been restored to the Five Lands, and a new era of prosperity has begun! Then,why is Valt so bored? He misses his friends and his adventures, even though they’re just a portal away. Fortunately – and unfortunately – Valt’s brief vacation is cut short by the arrival of monster after monster. These are the Nanomites, a dark, flying swarm of bugs that can turn anything into a terrifying enemy! With this new threat on the horizon, Valt reassembles the guardians to protect the Five Lands – but, unbeknownst to him, Da-Ming and his wicked bride are the ones controlling the Nanomites, and they want to regain their throne by any means necessary..